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Steel Structures


Steel Structures

As a manufacturer of steel structures within the electrical power sector, we have a complete range of standard towers, from 45 to 400 kV.

Gantry structures and supports for electrical substations. Telecommunications (5G market) and lighting towers. We also support the renewable and railway markets


High voltage towers.

Wide range of standard products for Distribution and Transmission. From 45 kV to 400 kV.


Substation steel structures.

This type of steel structures with a large number of parts and welded elements require efficient coordination between the technical and production resources to avoid errors that could affect the final assembly.



The medium voltage switchgear and protection elements up to 36 kV complement our activity since almost the foundation of the company and have been an essential part of our prestige and a clear commitment to provide the best service to our customers.


Telecommunications Towers.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of towers for use in telecommunications, lighting, surveillance, wind turbines, etc.

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Torres metálicas de celosía

We have the widest medium and high voltage catalogue on the market. We also manufacture to drawings for the main electricity companies and our technical department can study any project and adapt it to the needs of each customer.

As a complement to medium voltage, we manufacture complete chains of insulators, cut-outs and disconnectors.

Structures for Substations

At our facilities we manufacture different types of structures for electrical substations, either based on plans provided by our customers or developing the elements from our own engineering.

We guarantee the reliability of the final product with the implementation of appropriate controls through our quality system, specialist welders and approved welding procedures. Andel has extensive manufacturing and supply experience.

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Telecommunications Towers

Our portfolio includes a wide range of towers for use in telecommunications, lighting, surveillance, wind turbines, etc. We have the experience of national and international clients.

We are currently working on projects with 5G technology.


Cutting and protection elements for medium voltage up to 36 kV complement our activity. Polymeric insulator chains, glass insulator chains, cut-outs and disconnectors are our main products.


We have a permanent stock of finished products. If you are interested, please contact us at comercial@andelsa.es


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